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Guangzhou Bright Electronic Co.Ltd factory production line 0Our company's factory production lines are equipped with advanced equipment and technology to ensure high quality production of stage lighting products. The first is the automated assembly line, which enables efficient lamp assembly and production process control, improving production efficiency and ensuring product consistency. The second is the precision test line, which uses advanced test equipment and technology to carry out comprehensive functional testing and quality assessment of products to ensure that products meet international standards and customer requirements. In addition, we also introduced an intelligent control system to achieve digital management and monitoring of the production process, improving the stability and controllability of the production line. In terms of environmental protection, we strive to optimize production processes, reduce waste emissions, and adopt energy-saving equipment to build green factories. Through these modern production line equipment and management means, we can ensure the production of high-quality, high-performance stage lighting products to meet the needs of the international market, and create greater value for customers.


Our factory has a strong ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) ability to provide customers with one-stop product design and manufacturing services. First of all, we have a professional design team, with rich experience in stage lighting product design, can be customized according to customer needs. Secondly, we introduce advanced production equipment and process technology, which can quickly and efficiently transform design concepts into actual products, and ensure product quality and stability. In addition, we focus on close cooperation with customers, through full communication and understanding of customer needs, flexible adjustment of design solutions and production processes to ensure that the final product can meet customer expectations. Finally, we are committed to protecting our customers' innovative designs and trade secrets, and strictly abide by contractual agreements to ensure that our customers enjoy exclusive design rights. Through our strong ODM capabilities, we are able to provide our customers with customized stage lighting products to help them gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Guangzhou Bright Electronic Co.Ltd factory production line 0

Our company is committed to the R&D and innovation of the stage lighting industry, and has important advantages and achievements in R&D. First, we have built an experienced and specialized R&D team of engineers, designers and technologists who constantly pursue technological breakthroughs and innovations to enhance product performance and functionality. Second, we invest significant resources in research and development facilities and laboratories to ensure efficient, sophisticated research and development and to verify the feasibility of new technologies and materials in a timely manner. In addition, we cooperate with a number of well-known scientific research institutions and universities at home and abroad to carry out project cooperation and technical exchanges, share the latest industry trends and technological achievements, and constantly absorb new knowledge and ideas. At the same time, we pay attention to market demand and customer feedback, and incorporate market information into the research and development process to ensure that our products are technologically leading and in line with market demand. Through these efforts, our company continuously introduces competitive new products to meet customer needs and enhance the company's market position and brand influence

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