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19×40W Custom Surface Color Outdoor Beam Moving Head Stage Light

19×40W Custom Surface Color Outdoor Beam Moving Head Stage Light

Custom Surface Color Head Stage Light

19×40W Head Stage Light

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Bright lighting



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Product Details
Product Name:
Moving Head
Housing Color:
Custom Camouflage Color
For Effects
Moving Head
Light Source:
IP Rate:
540°+16 Bit Fine/250°+16 Bit Fine
Working Lifetime:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Carton Flightcase
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
300PCS per month
Product Description
19×40W Custom Surface Color Outdoor Beam Moving Head Stage Light



1.Film and Television Productions: Incorporate the moving head lights into film and television sets to illuminate scenes with dynamic lighting effects, simulate environmental conditions, and create cinematic atmospheres that enhance the visual storytelling.

2.Sports Events and Stadiums: Use the moving head lights to illuminate sports events, halftime shows, and stadium performances with vibrant colors, animated patterns, and dynamic lighting effects, energizing the audience and enhancing the overall spectator experience.

3.Corporate Events: Customize the surface color of the moving head lights to match corporate branding or event themes at conferences, product launches, awards ceremonies, and galas, creating a cohesive visual identity and enhancing brand presence.

4.Weddings and Receptions: Tailor the surface color of the fixtures to complement wedding decor, floral arrangements, and color schemes, adding an elegant and personalized touch to the lighting design for ceremonies, receptions, and other wedding-related events.

5.Theater Productions: Utilize the customizable surface color feature to create mood-specific lighting effects that enhance the storytelling and ambiance of theatrical performances, musicals, plays, and dance recitals, adding depth and visual interest to stage productions.


Quick Detail:


The 19x40W Custom Surface Color Outdoor Beam Moving Head Stage Light is a versatile fixture that allows for customization of its surface color to match the aesthetic requirements of different events and productions. With a total power output of 760W, this moving head light is designed for outdoor use and can create dynamic lighting effects to enhance the visual appeal of various performances. The customizable surface color feature enables users to tailor the appearance of the fixture to seamlessly integrate it into different settings, adding a personalized touch to the lighting design.


1.Customization Process: Understand the process of customizing the surface color of the fixture and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for making changes to ensure proper functionality and aesthetics.

2.Compatibility: Ensure that the customized surface color does not interfere with the operation or performance of the moving head light, and that any alterations made comply with safety standards and specifications.

3.Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the moving head light, including the customized surface color components, to ensure longevity and optimal performance. Clean the fixture as recommended by the manufacturer to prevent dust or debris buildup.

4.Power Supply: Provide a stable power supply that meets the requirements of the moving head light, considering any additional power demands associated with customization features to prevent electrical issues or damage.

5.Environmental Considerations: Take into account environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and exposure to sunlight when using the fixture outdoors with customized surface color. Ensure that the custom finish is durable in outdoor conditions.

6.Testing: Test the moving head light after applying the custom surface color to verify that it functions correctly and produces the desired lighting effects. Make adjustments as needed to achieve the desired outcome.


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19×40W Custom Surface Color Outdoor Beam Moving Head Stage Light 119×40W Custom Surface Color Outdoor Beam Moving Head Stage Light 2
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